You won’t find reams of rules on this website. And that is because the Chip Shop Awards only has one. The work has to be brilliant. Period. 

So does it have to be legal? No. Decent? No. Honest? No. Brilliant? Yes, yes, yes.

So we celebrate the sort of work you won’t see in other awards. And some amazing people who do not normally get the chance to win. They can include fresh talent looking to break-through. Or more established talent who don’t normally get the chance to work on the sexy stuff.

The Chip Shop Awards was launched in the UK years ago, and since has evolved into an annual highlight with categories such as best use of honesty, fake news and bad taste. 

Oh and by the way if you are interested in why we have ran with a name that can’t possibly fly in the US you can find the full story here

Entries will open in Spring 2020 so register your interest and in the meantime take a look at what the Chip Shop Awards US are looking for.