You won’t find reams of rules on this website. And that is because the Chip Shop Awards only has one.

The work has to be brilliant. Full stop. Here’s that again in very small type to underline that this really is our small print:

The work has to be brilliant

So does it have to be legal? No. Decent? No. Honest? No. Brilliant? Yes, yes, yes.

So we celebrate the sort of work you won’t see in other awards. And some amazing people who do not normally get the chance to win.

They can include fresh talent looking to break-through. Or more established talent who don’t normally get the chance to work on the sexy stuff.

About The Chip Shop Awards

Back in the UK, there was a time when a small Fish & Chip Shop* in Wales was the talk of London. Its advertising had just scooped a heap of awards - knocking big brands off the winners’ podium.

The campaign was the work of an advertising nobody. The client was his mum. His budget? Beer money. His secret weapon? Persistence.

This led to a fallout and Awards shows tightened their rules to keep the amateurs out. But it inspired The Drum to create The Chip Shop Awards. This sort of work (and others like it) deserves to be lauded about or how else can the industry move forward and find new talent?

And what about the nobody in our story?  Well that somebody was Andy Cheetham, who went on to help found one of Manchester’s hottest agencies: CheethamBell. Read the full story here. 

*A fish and chip shop, colloquially known as a 'chippy', is an outlet that predominantly sells the English dish of fish and chips.

Why enter?

  • To win a coveted ‘Chip’ Award and raise your profile in the industry
  • To compete on an international scale
  • To be rewarded for pure creativity
  • To get your work in front of The Drum’s global audience
  • To get your work in front of our esteemed judging panel

Who's judging my entry?

The 2019 jury are creative heavyweights from across the world. Which means your idea will not only be taken seriously, but also evaluated professionally.

Judges will be announced on the lead up to the deadline - check here regularly for the latest and check out who you need to impress. 

What should I include in my entry?

What you submit will depend entirely on your idea and the category of your choice but here is the basics required:

  • Leading image (JPEG max size 10mb) - This will be used on the website and in the show in the event of a nomination, commendation or a win - Make sure its the best one! (you may upload additional images to support your entry).
  • 100 word summary -  Tell us more about your idea, if it doesn't need an explanation just exclaim your greatness? - This will be live on the website in the even of a nomination, commendation or a win.
  • Optional - You may submit additional images, links or videos to support your entry in the fields provided. Please note all videos must be hosted via Vimeo or YouTube and uploaded using the sharable link.

Any questions? 

We are here to help! - get in touch with or

Key dates

Put these dates in your diary right away...

  • Official deadline: detials coming soon
  • Final deadline: on request, with late fee
  • Awards ceremony: October 5-8, 2020

How much does it cost to enter?

Details coming soon

  • You may enter as many categories as you like, however each entry must be treated as a separate entry and payment made for each.
  • In order to get the discounted rate for any additional entries, please ensure you enter them all at once.
  • Freelancers and students will receive 40% discount, please get in touch to redeem your code. If you are a member of The Drum Network, you will receive 10% off your entries, and if you are a charity you will receive 40% off your entries.


It should be assumed The Chip Shop Award entries do not reflect the views, policies or strategies of any organisation living or dead.

In fact, it has mostly been created without the knowledge of those the work purports to either promote or parody.